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Posted: February 19, 2013 in Production Facility

Cast Iron, Brass & Alumninium Alloys. Design, Development and Manufacturing of Patterns, Jigs, Fixtures and Inspection gauges etc.
Precision machining covering entire range including CNC Lathes, Machines, Turning, Milling, Shaping, Broaching, Grinding, Deep Hole drilling, Honing and Super finishing.
Complete Paint facilities including Spray painting, Baking Ovens and Powder coating etc.
Heat treatment covering entire range including Solid State induction.
Electroplating covering entire range including Hard-chrome plating, Passivation etc.
Stamping, Fabrication etc.


These machinery is used in food manufacturing units, these are made of stainless steel and consists features which are designed as per customers specification and requirement e.g Rotation and traveling of kababs over heated area to produced bulk quantity.
It includes electric control temp gauge speed control etc. It can be easily washed due to rust free material. In order to develop such machine customer explain his specific requirement and base on these information we develop a design for the prototype, after refinement the design got approved by the customer and the same passed on production department for development of the machine.
Food2 Food3 Food4


Differential Case LH & R/H MF-240
1661 294 M1
181 273 M1
Differential Case1 Differential Case2

Differential Case LH & RH MF-375
1868 031 M1/1661 294 M1
Differential Case

Housing Front PTO MF-240

Posted: February 18, 2013 in Tractor Parts

Housing Front PTO MF-240
899 331 M1
Housing Front

Rail Shifters MF-240

Posted: February 18, 2013 in Tractor Parts

Rail Shifters MF-240
3697 276 M1,180 442 M3
Rail Shifters2

Rail Shifters MF-375

Posted: February 18, 2013 in Tractor Parts

Rail Shifters MF-375
1693 818 M1, 1693 814 M1
Rail Shifters